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What is HPCC?

Hebrew Patriot Collector Cards are a type of trading card that showcase important figures and events in the history of Biblical and Hebraic culture. Each card features a unique design and includes information about the individual or event depicted. Our most popular cards include those featuring famous Biblical Patriots such as Moses, David, Mary, and Esther. HPCC highlights significant commandments and events in Biblical history such as the Holy Days ordained by God and the Exodus plagues. HPCC are highly recommended for children and adults who share an interest and passion in Biblical studies.

What do I do with the HPCC?

Great question! We highly recommend utilizing the HPCC as learning tools in classrooms, for fun but informative trivia quizzes, or to spark engaging conversations about Hebraic culture and Biblical history.

How can I support HPCC?

- Purchase the Hebrew Patriot Collector Cards and add them to your personal collection

- Share information with friends and family who may also be interested

- Post fun facts on social media platforms to spread awareness and encourage others to collect

- Consider purchasing additional HPCC merchandise such as storage cases, display stands, posters, and tee shirts to further support the brand.

In Conclusion.

Hebrew Patriot Collector Cards are a unique and informative way to learn about Biblical Hebraic culture and history. Whether you are an avid collector or simply looking to increase your knowledge in Biblical studies, HPCC are a great resource to have on hand.



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